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Futurism is not a religion only for scientists; the greatest challenges to advancing our understandings revolve around money and politics. For example, there is much work to be done in the fight against the growing anti-science movement in many countries, and innumerable worthy projects are under threat due to a shortage of research funds.

Technological progress is the single factor that underlies all individuals' improvement in wealth and quality of life, and we must not allow the irrational fear of change that drives the anti-science movement to take that away from us.

What next?

As mentioned in the introduction, this concept and site are new, but evolving. My next step is to start getting more people involved and flesh out some of the ideas, which probably means a forum. Watch this space.

If this interests you then have a look at the other pages (see links at the top) and perhaps email me your thoughts (curious@futurism.org).

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